Until the NBA Season as 2K Mentioned

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Fri May 22, 2020 10:03 am

It's a fairly cool feature, until the MT 2K20 season as 2K mentioned, won't be available. Do not go too crazy with your predictions, I feel like people will set themselves up for disappointment. If you have a look at Ronnie's suggestion on IG, you can probably get a general idea of what this is all about. Can I just say how much I really love you 2K? You do a great job while maintaining it real/not blowing smoke up our ass or 2K of moderating this forum.

Enjoy the kind words mod team does our Don't misinterpret my comment, it is still a feature that is cool! It is just not some new manner that they've kept hidden this time. Not certain why my original comment was deleted, I was only posing a query why I can't watch tupacsrbija about the mod team, since he's the founder of one of the most used tools for 2K MyTeam players. Can it be because I said how sub favorites aren't mods and do not post here as a consequence? You can at least answer that.

My guess is that it's a mode similar to Play Today - NBA Today (whatever it's called) in which you perform that day's recent game on the program but you can shed your MyPlayer onto any team. But I don't know a lot so I am likely wrong. Like as if that is a huge deal. A drama fashion style with my career character is not a new manner lmao it's more of a feature.I actually wish they bring back create a legend. I had fun with this mode.

Weird because we have been disappointed by 2K on several occasions? Nah. We have every right to be pessimistic when it comes to these guys. 2K let down you several times and here you are. Has 2K personally allow me down? No, this really is a video game and that I dont have much emotion wrapped up in it to make that judgement and I had been playing since 2001. You're in no position to complain if you purchased it anyhow. Buy MT 2K20 from the safe place: https://www.nba2king.com/ we will help you enjoy the game.

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