Have a Different Sense of the OSRS Encounter

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Fri May 22, 2020 10:04 am

I am truely impressed by this notion. A league notion for this particular task and reward structure is clearly based on path of exile and Diablo 3 that both offer amazing replayability years following OSRS Gold was released. Or the list is not completed yet because with some other quests done would be nice. Like by way of example you need Tourist Trap to utilize darts so does this mean we will not be able to use them all or will it be automatically finished?

Please make RuneScape mode last a fair amount of time! I don't have that much time to play being a dad and all but I am thrilled to try out those relics to have a different sense of the OSRS encounter.

If there were competitions within the leagues that offered real-life benefits (runefest tickets for next year, seats, etc) I can see it being far more competitive and interesting overall. That is only my opinion coming off of enjoying every iteration of DMM. I really don't find myself curious about the current format.

I played RuneScape Gold for so long events such as people are what keeps me about. Hell you could also keep a dedicated universe when the contest part endings just to delight in the dev time that you put into this a bit more!Honestly I really don't see much incentive to play this variant of RuneScape, cosmetics are nice and all but to waste 2 months time to them doesn't feel like incentive enough to play.

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