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This fast speed log splitter is the most powerful, safest and most reliable of its kind. It has absolutely shake-free operation and durable technology! Thanks to the patented technology, the pinion and rack are permanently connected and therefore have a longer life than most competitors.

Engine鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€riggs & Stratton 208cc
Working Height鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€?28 inches (715mm)
Max. Log Length鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€?..23 inches (600mm)
Wedge Height 鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€?.7鈥?180mm
Cycle Time鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€?3 Seconds
Wheel鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€?.18鈥?DOT tire
Max. Towing Speed鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€?鈥︹€?5 mph
Package Dimensions鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€?83.9鈥漻19.3鈥漻27鈥?(213x49x68.5cm)
Container Quantity鈥︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€︹€? 72PCS/40鈥橤PKientic Log Splitter suppliers
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