Air Compressor Spare Parts quotation

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Product Description
The oil filter, filtering the impurity of lubricating oil, supplying purity lubricating oil for compressor head and bearings.
The oil separator is installed at the exit of screw air compressor to separate the oil and air to get the clean compressed air. The air filter, filtering the dust of air intake by compressor and protect the head and bearings from hurt.
Product Features and Functions
1.Tiny dust is absorbed into filter paper. More deepness the fold is, the longer working life the filter is.
2.Filter paper with high efficiency, large filtration area , low resistance and heavy dust-holding capacity.
3.It can be used in ambient temperature, common temperature, little of acid, alkali and organic solvents.
4.High-efficiency oil-air separator, make the oil-content lower to 3PPM.
5.Reliable quality makes you have a higher-efficiency compressor working.
Product Application
Mainly used in air compressor as an accessory for air compressors.
Product Parameter
Oil filterOil separatorAil filter
66135302锛圥554005)537704 312040537702 320500
66094212EF55170 20023056006158376T
66135177EF55170 200230G56010200350T
66135302EF55220 27330556012230365T
66094172EF55220 273350G56020300440T
6609421255275 32540056006200180KT
55275 32546056006153318T
55170 20023556010198376T
55220 27336056022305448T
55135 17020056001106100J
537704 312040-P56002165083J
537704 312070-PTND240-200125
537704 312120-P537702 320700
537702 321200Air Compressor Spare Parts quotation
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